Start a new tradition everyone will love!

Christmas Eve Service Times at ACF Church

Wednesday, Dec 23 @ 7p | Thursday, Dec 24 @ 3p, 4:30p, & 6p
Facebook Live Service Dec 24 @ 6p

Start a new tradition everyone will love!

Christmas Eve Service Times at ACF Church

Wednesday, Dec 23 @ 7p | Thursday, Dec 24 @ 3p, 4:30p, & 6p
Facebook Live Service Dec 24 @ 6p

Joy of Christmas

Every year we look forward to gathering with friends and family to experience the joy of Christmas. Join us for outdoor festivities and a one-hour service centered around the birth of Christ. We believe that the world was changed forever when Jesus was born, and that’s why we celebrate every year. We would love to see you!

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Christmas Eve at ACF Church

Something for everyone!

Christmas Lights Drive Thru

Join us for this FREE Christmas Lights Drive Thru @ ACF Church that is sure to bring joy to the entire community! Hop in your car, turn up the radio, and enjoy a spectacular light display! Hours will be December 1-22 | 6-8pm daily.


Bring your friends and family for a free photo opportunity. There will be live music outside as well as hot cider and snacks for the whole family.

Special Christmas Music & Message

Everyone loves Christmas music with a special Christmas message. We will sing and celebrate the season together with a live band and Christmas songs. Then we’ll have a special Christmas message for all ages to enjoy.

  • I think Christmas at ACF does a really good job of bringing the community together and really getting the word of God out to people to realize the importance of God and what His purpose is. It’s also very welcoming, and for people who may not have anyone to celebrate Christmas with, it can be comforting for them to have somewhere to go that’s so welcoming. Makes Christmas better for everyone!

    - Tony

  • The Christmas services I’ve attended have really opened my eyes to what Christmas is truly about. There is just a sense of peace and community at the church that you can’t get any where else. It is for everyone, no matter where someone is at in their journey with Christ. And of course worship is the amazing!

    - Amanda

  • Christmas Eve at ACF amazes me every year. Not because of the mind-boggling number of people who attend these services. Not because you can have a picture taken with a reindeer or sled dogs. It is an opportunity for connection. For so many people, Christmas Eve is the one service they come to every year. That one message, that one handshake, that one smile may make a life-changing difference to someone. Learning about the birth of Christ may be a rebirth for anyone who passes through the doors. And It’s not only the excitement of celebrating Jesus, it’s the excitement of watching Him change lives. It’s a blessing to have this church family, and to have ACF be my home for the holidays.

    - Lindsey

  • After moving to Alaska, our family felt at home with ACF during the holidays as the Christmas Eve service provided a warm celebration of Jesus’ birth while giving a unique Alaskan experience with local reindeer. A great time for the entire family of all ages!

    - Kelsey & Scott

  • I love Christmas at ACF because there are many different service times and I feel comfortable bringing friends and family who don’t normally attend. The service is only an hour, yet so uplifting and filled with great holiday elements.

    - Alison

  • We love Christmas at ACF because their services are modern, creative, and entertaining but still take us back to the Christmas services we had as kids!

    - Jay & Nikky

  • ACF is home for us and Christmas Eve service is an awesome experience. We love the welcoming enviornment, rockin’ music, and impactful message.

    - Jen & Reed

  • We loved it so much we invited our neighbors and went again the next day.

    - Chad & Kim

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t go to church normally?

Christmas in Eagle River is for anyone and everyone no matter your religious background.

Can I bring my friends?

Absolutely! Bring as many friends as possible.

How long will it last?

Services will be 60 minutes long.

When should I show up?

You will want to come at least 20 minutes early for parking, kids check in, outside festivities, and to get a good seat.

Should I wear my Christmas Elf costume?

If you wear a costume, we’ll give you double the hot cider!

What will our kids do?

We will have a children’s Christmas program, treats, and music for infants-5th grade. You can check your children in downstairs when you arrive.

What is ACF Church?

ACF is a church that is here for our city. We are a gathering of imperfect people who are learning to experience and express grace in its truest forms. We would love to see you at one of our Outpost (home church) or online service. Sundays at 9 or 11a, & Wednesdays at 7p.